Friday, September 12, 2008

International Crochet Day

Today is International Crochet Day, a day to celebrate those of us who like to play with dull hooks and yarn balls.  I really want to post a picture of the crochet project I am working on right now, but it will spoil the surprise for the child of one of my very few readers.  But let's just say that it's awesome and I'm in love with it and won't be able to wait until a gift occasion to post about it.  

If you've never tried crochet before, you should.  It can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it.  Myself, I stick with very, very simple.  I don't like to have to count much or pay too much attention, so I do really easy things and my favorite thing to make is blankets.  I find it incredibly soothing most of the time.  And I'll make you a blanket if you ask!

Since I can't show my current project, here is a pic of the last two blankets I made.  A white one with variegated border for Wednesday (I chose neutrals since I made these while pregnant), and a blue/purple/pink variegated one with a blue border for Caleb (he chose the colors, and they look great!).

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