Monday, September 8, 2008

Presenting Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, and his assistant, Beaker

While I was in Murray Tricia and I went to Peddler's Mall, this flea market/craft type store.  In one of the booths, I found a great double panel of Muppet Babies fabric with Dr. Bunsen and Beaker pillow patterns.  They also had Animal and Rolf, and Scooter and Skeeter (interestingly, Skeeter was only a Muppet Babies character, and never a real Muppet).  I had to have it for my kiddos, and at $3, it felt like stealing!  After only a few minutes of work, voila!

I love that the copyright date at the bottom is 1985, a full 19 years before Caleb was born!  

I may have to send Tricia back to get the others, so these guys won't be lonely!

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