Sunday, September 7, 2008

Soccer Mom

It's official.  I'm a soccer mom.  Caleb had his first soccer game yesterday.  It was so cute, all those little people running around after the ball, having no real idea what they are doing.  Though they are for the most part, very enthusiastic.  Caleb does a weird thing where when we praise him, he slumps his shoulders and drags around like we've scolded him.  We don't quite know what to do about that, since we have always used positive reinforcement.  Hopefully, it will get better.  He does seem to enjoy playing and being on the team with the other kids.  And I'm hoping to find some friends among the parents.

Don't worry, even though I am now a soccer mom, I'm still holding out and refusing to get a mini van.  Even if we eventually have a third kid, we're going to get a wagon.  I do have a soccer mom secret ... I'm sleeping with my kid's coach!  Shhhh!

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